JUST IN: Anti-Trump Protester Pretending to Be Reporter Gets Close Enough to POTUS to Hurl Objects at Him

An extremist, left-wing agitator pretending to be a journalist got close enough to President Donald Trump to yell that he should be tried for “treason” and to throw a handful of small Russian flags at him as he walked in the Capitol Building with Senator Mitch McConnell (R, KY) today.

As Trump and McConnell walked by a gaggle of press, a man began screaming, “Trump is treason,” over and over.

He then scolded the press for asking Trump about tax reform when they should be talking about Trump’s relationship with Russia, he said.

As he yelled, he also threw a handful of small Russian flags at the president.

Associated Press correspondent Erica Werner was able to get ahold of one of the small flags and she tweeted out a photo of the tiny banner:

The Capitol Police took the creep into custody and later identified him as Ryan T. Clayton.

Clayton posed as a reporter to gain access to the second floor of the Capitol and the staging area where reporters were cordoned off ahead of Trump’s visit. When Trump walked by with Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Clayton threw small Russian flags at the men and yelled out demands that Congress investigate Trump for treason.

NBC noted the ways that people gain access to the area:

The general public is allowed inside the Capitol complex for tours and appointments, but all entrants, including journalists, must go through a metal detector. Members of the press carry photo identification that allows them to traverse the halls of the building, but journalists obtain those credential badges only after undergoing a screening.

Clayton was also identified as belonging to the far left-wing group called Americans Take Action, an extremist group whose focus is to impeach Trump.

This is the same Ryan Clayton that James O’Keefe got on undercover video planning to terrorize people during Trump’s inaugural event. This vile piece of work was also seen harassing a female reporter early this year.

This isn’t the first time Clayton has been seen in public trying to push his nonsense about Russia.

As USA Today reported:

Americans Take Action group, has protested Trump. He and others from his group handed out Russian flags earlier this year at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

“The reason we trolled Trump with these flags is to draw attention to the Russian interference in our most recent American election, helping to decide the outcome in favor of the Trump campaign,” Clayton wrote in a piece for the Huffington Post. “Working with a foreign power to undermine our free and fair elections is treason.”

Of course, the left has been throwing this lie around for well over a year, now, and not one shred of proof has emerged to substantiate the claim despite a year of “investigations” into the allegation that Trump worked with the Russians to effect the 2016 election.