Breaking: House Re-votes After Dems Attempt to Derail, It Went Even Worse Than You Could Imagine

This afternoon, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives re-approved the Trump tax reform bill and once again passed it. The bill is now headed to the president’s desk to be signed into law. And all this happened despite the Democrats’ pitiful attempt to derail the bill yesterday evening.

On Tuesday, the House celebrated the passage of the bill with a 227 in favor to a 203 against vote. All the Democrats voted no — the first time in history that no Democrat voted for a tax cut — and twelve Republicans voted no. Also, two members of the House didn’t vote at all.

The bill then went to the Senate, but Democrats found a way to try and block to bill that evening. As the Senate looked the bill over to prepare for their own vote on the matter, Democrat nitpickers found two provisions that they say violated the “Byrd Rule.”

They insisted that these violations meant that the offending provisions would have to be stripped from the bill before the Senate could vote on it. But, since the bill was altered, that meant the House had to re-stage its own vote because now the bill is not the same bill they passed earlier that day.

As Fox News put it:

It’s because of the “Byrd rule,” named after the late Senate Majority Leader Robert Byrd, D-W.Va. Under budget reconciliation, the Byrd rule mandates that legislation deal only with fiscal issues, The evaluation of provisions that violate budget rules is called the “Byrd bath.”

That’s right, Democrats cited a rule written by Robert Byrd, a member of the Ku Klux Klan, to try and prevent Americans everywhere from getting a tax cut. So, Democrats valued the opinion of the Klan over that of you and me.

The U.S. Senate went on to hold their vote and late in the evening it passed. The Senate passed Trump’s tax reform law with a 51 yea to 48 nay vote.

Vice President Mike Pence was on hand just in case the vote came in as a tie (a VP can only cast a vote in the Senate in case of a tie) but it turned out his presence was unnecessary as the GOP had the votes they needed to pass it despite the Democrat’s obstinance.

But, that wasn’t the end of it. The bill now had to go back to the House of Reps AGAIN to get re-approved because of the Byrd rule deletions.

Democrats hoped that this last ditch effort would torpedo the tax revision bill. But their faint hope turned into a forlorn hope as the bill passed again this afternoon in a 224 201 vote. The vote is slightly different from Tuesday’s result, but the difference are negligible and did nothing to stop the momentum of the vote. There wasn’t a single doubt that the bill was going to pass.

Indeed, this is a huge victory for the Republican Party and President Donald J. Trump. The president put his neck on the line by promising that the tax reform bill would pass before Christmas, and here it is — despite the Democrat efforts to derail it.

Naturally, Democrats are hitting the media with spittle-specked, and wild-eyed proclamations that Republicans are killing the poor, the sick, the young, the old, and drowning kittens and puppies… you know, as they do with every Republican victory.

Democrat Minority House Leader Nancy Pelosi, for instance, said that the tax bill is “theft” and that it “does violence to the vision of our founders.” As if any Democrat would have the first idea what our founders cared about.

For his part, Democrat Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer insisted that the tax bill is an “anchor to the ankles of every Republican” for 2018.

Blah, blah, blah.

Meanwhile, all Americans who get a paycheck will see more money in their pockets starting the first of January.