Breaking: Sessions Orders DOJ Investigation Of Obama Admin After Report They Gave Hezbollah A Pass

Former President Barack Obama and his former officials may not be resting easy in retirement now. Politico dropped a bombshell report detailing how the Obama administration gave the Hezbollah terrorist group a pass so as not to annoy Iran and keep the Iran deal. Then the Congress said they would be investigating what the Obama administration did. Now, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has launched a review of the prior investigations “to evaluate allegations that certain matters were not properly prosecuted and to ensure all matters are appropriately handled.”

From Fox News:

“While I am hopeful that there were no barriers constructed by the last administration to allowing DEA agents to fully bring all appropriate cases under Project Cassandra, this is a significant issue for the protection of Americans,” Sessions said in a written statement. “We will review these matters and give full support to investigations of violent drug trafficking organizations.”

According to a bombshell exposé in Politico on Sunday, an elaborate campaign led by the Drug Enforcement Administration, known as Project Cassandra, targeted the Lebanese militant group’s criminal activities.

But when Project Cassandra leaders, who were working out of a DEA facility in Chantilly, Virginia, sought approval for some significant investigations, prosecutions, arrests and financial sanctions, Obama Justice and Treasury Department officials delayed, hindered or rejected their requests, according to Politico.

Sessions said dealing with terrorism and drug trafficking are two of the most important things they deal with and something like this that involves both should paramount in this administration.

Reviewing the cases could lead to them reopening or to new prosecutions. It could also result in investigations and consequences for those who may have obstructed or hindered proper prosecutions.

Obama officials have tried pushing back against the report, even attacking the Politico reporter.

One of the funniest attacks was from former deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes, who hilariously called liberal Politico a ‘right wing’ echo chamber.

“There are many reasonable critiques of Obama’s foreign policy,” former Obama official Tommy Vietor tweeted. “The idea that he was soft on Hezbollah is not one of them. The story is so manufactured out of thin air that it’s hard to push back except to say that it’s a figment of the imagination of two very flawed sources.”

Despite the Obama flacks collaborating on their talking points, they weren’t able to dent the Politico reporter, Josh Meyer or his story. And he wasn’t backing down from their attack.

The story was 14,000 words long and had multiple sources. Further it was supported by the prior testimony of former government officials before Congress, such as Dr. David Asher, veteran U.S. illicit finance expert, who was one of the leaders of the task force, who testified in June.

From Daily Caller:

“In the last years of the previous administration, for reasons that most definitely had to do with the Iran deal and concerns of interfering with it – which I thought were totally unfounded, as a former nuclear negotiator with Iran and North Korea – we lost much of the altitude that we had gained in our global effort,” Asher said.

He continued, “And many aspects – including key personnel who were reassigned, budgets that were slashed – many key elements of the investigations that were underway were undermined and it was a bit of a tragedy and a travesty.”

Sessions said the DOJ was committed to investigating and supporting the work of the agents.

At this point after years, it may be hard to reconstruct some of these cases.

But if they can, if they can expose and punish the Obama administration officials behind this, they will have done a great service.

[Note: This post was written by Nick Arama]