Social Media Furor: Julian Assange’s Account Disappears From Twitter

In a Christmas morning mystery that sent the internet atwitter, Julian Assange’s Twitter account mysteriously disappeared with no explanation either from him or from Twitter.

What was left was an apparent deactivation page, but it’s unclear who deactivated him. When an employee accidentally deactivated President Donald Trump’s account, the same type of page showed.

Accessing the account from a mobile shows a strange page.

Wikileaks and Assange’s alternate account, @EmbassyCat, are still active but silent. Embassy Cat hasn’t tweeted since October.

It is believed that the account went down sometime between 12 and 1 a.m. GMT. It does not show the account to be suspended. His last tweet was Dec. 22.

Some speculated that he was about to drop some big information. Some circulated a report about Hillary Clinton’s health but the report has been debunked and the real Assange account had not referenced it.

Another account on Gab claiming to be him suggested he was about to drop something on Seth Rich, but that was also not a verified account.

An account claiming to be a replacement account was immediately suspended by Twitter without any verification that it was, in fact, a real account.

The best clue we have so far about what happened is a strange tweet from WikiLeaks Task Force.

But it doesn’t clarify or tell us what happened. And the official Wikileaks account isn’t talking.

Charles C. Johnson claims to have been in contact with Assange since the account went down. But much of what Johnson says is inaccurate.

The disappearance has spawned a spate of fake accounts, including @AltAssange and @TheRealJulian.

Tha AltAssange account was suggesting he was about to drop info against the ‘Deep State’ but it’s a false account.

There has perhaps been greater concern about what may be behind this because last week, Wikileaks claimed that three men broke into the office of their legal counsel, Baltasar Garzon, in Spain. While they took out the cameras that recorded their entry they didn’t appear to take anything apart from the Christmas ham.

Naturally, the disappearance has sparked conspiracy theories, concern from his supporters and merriment from his detractors.

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[Note: This post was written by Nick Arama]